la società è sempre stata attenta

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    Can anyone help me translate this phrase, please:

    "A me Floccari e sempre piaciuto, avevamo pensato di tenerlo, ma non si poteva, si parlava di stipendi importanti e in quel momento la societa e sempre stata attenta, cose che invece non e accaduta quest'anno".

    . What does "attento" mean in this particular case. "On the lookout", "careful"?. Does it mean that the club didn't want to part with their money last year, whereas this year they are less economical?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, you got it right: it means that the club had been careful watching its own expenses in that specific period of time. On the contrary, this year it hasn't the same financial approach. In general, "stare attenti" could mean "stare attenti alle spese (expenses)", depending on the context.
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    Thanks a million!

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