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I have been asked to translate a formal letter by a local health authority but I have been having problem with the Italian/English different cultures perspectives and different ways of structuring a formal letter, i.e. the use of "la Signoria Vostra dovrà pagare..... "

In particular the following passage put me to a hard test:
"Si trasmette anche il ticket (allegedly the shipping or delivery charges) che la SV dovrà pagare alla scrivente ASL tramite versamento su conto corrente..."

My attempt:
"We also enclose the delivery charge receipt which your company will refund to the undersigning Local Health Authority to the account number..."

but I'm not happy with my translation...
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    Thank you Mary49,
    I checked it but I still struggled with the cultural gap that divides the two languages when it comes to formal letters.
    In this case the Italian language shows its honorifics and polite addressing to the extreme with the untranslatable SV,
    that I didn't want to translate with a simple "YOU".
    Then it goes on with a "DOVRA' PAGARE", imperative asking for money ( "YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY").
    A strong contrast you are unlikely to find in English, more direct and usually less rich in ways of smoothing over contradictions


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    "Si trasmette anche il ticket che la SV dovrà pagare alla scrivente ASL tramite versamento su conto corrente..."
    Also enclosed is the service charge that you are required to pay by bank transfer etc.

    Note that a 'ticket' in the context of the Italian NHS is not a shipping charge, but rather a percentage of the full cost of whatever service, that is charged to every customer.


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    Just to add to furs otherwise perfect translation is that you can't enclose a charge, you would need to indicate it as the receipt/copy/invoice of the service charge.