La tecnica Cordel

Hi...I'm translating this for a company that specialises in embroidery. I can't find anything online that looks like a reliable translation, yet it looks like it's a relatively common expression in the "embroidery world" in Italian.

"Non un classico ricamo a filo: la tecnica Cordel si distingue dalle altre lavorazioni grazie alla cucitura e all’unione di tutto ciò che venga considerato nastrato o filato, come
cordoncini, filati di lana, fettuccie."

My attempt
"This is not classic thread embroidery: Cordel differs from other embroidery techniques because it involves stitching and combining everything that could be described as taping or yarn, such as cord, wool or ribbon."

Thanks in advance.
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    there are no results for "Cordel" in English.

    This curtain has what they call "ricamo Cordel":

    I think it's the same as "couching stitch" (but I may be wrong...):