La testa giusta


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Ho tentato di tradurre la seguente frase "per diventare come lui ci vuole la testa giusta, non è fortuna" con "to become as he is, the right spirit is needed, it’s not about luck" ma è orripilante secondo me.

Qualche idea migliore?
  • Arrius

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    To be like him, you need your head screwed on the right way. It's not a just matter of luck.

    (I know this idiom with head seems rather bizarre, but I assure you it is colloquial English).


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    Ciao Iessicuz :):):) !

    I like Arrius's suggestion ;)

    Here's another

    " become like him, you need the right mentality, it's not a question of luck..."
    (a bit static I must say though :()


    " become like him, you've got to have to right mentality, it's not a question of luck

    puoi sostituire con "...luck has nothing to do with it..."