la traction à dos d’homme

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    "La traction à dos d’homme n’a-t-elle pas toujours été la première forme du génie routier et du transport"

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    The above sentence refers to merchants carrying/taking their goods to market. The impression I get is that they are pulling a cart or something behind them, unless they have loaded their backs with their produce. Can anyone clarify what this means and how we might express it in English?

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  2. mehoul Senior Member

    I think it means carrying goods on one's back. The word "traction" would be slightly out of place here if I understand correctly.
  3. Mauricet Senior Member

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    D'accord avec mehoul. Traction et à dos d'homme sont incompatibles. Il y a le portage à dos d'homme, d'une part, et la traction humaine si on tire une remorque, une carriole ...

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