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I wonder if there's anyone out there that knows something about energy efficiency?! This phrase is causing me some trouble!!!

"Les professionnels s’engagent à veiller à la maîtrise des émissions de gaz à effet de serre des systèmes de froid grâce au confinement, à la surveillance des installations et à la veille technologique. Ils étudient le recours à des équipements frigorifiques plus performants."

The context is energy efficiency in supermarkets.

My version:

"Professionals are committed to overseeing the management of greenhouse emissions by containment cooling systems, in addition to supervising their installation and competitive intelligence monitoring"
  • La veille techonologique signifie la surveillance du secteur, du marché.
    :confused: Could you elaborate on this please, as I do not understand the link between "vielle technologique" and "surveillance du secteur"?

    Could there be a typo in "…installations et à la veille technologique". Shouldn't be "de"

    My try:
    "Professionals are committed to overseeing the management of greenhouse emissions of cooling systems, by their isolation and monitoring of older technologies.
    (As a result) They are looking into resorting to use more efficient cooling systems.”
    Grâce à la veille technologique is correct here. The way I see it, the professionals are committed to reduce greenhouse gases emissions of cooling systems using three types of actions:
    - containment (I am thinking enclosing the cold food sections in supermarket for example)
    - monitoring of the existing installations
    - keeping an eye out for new, more energy-efficient technologies. That's what veille technologique (technology intelligence) is.

    Professionals are committed to overseeing the management of manage
    better greenhouse emissions of their cooling systems by containment cooling systems, in addition to supervising,monitoring of their installations and technology intelligence
    Many thanks Quaeitur!

    You have confirmed and clarified how I finally came to read this sentence. It was a difficult one!!

    It seems "technology scouting" is a good translation of "veille technologique", according to wikipedia. Checkout the language selection menu on wikipedia, on the left side of the pages.