La verdad no peca, pero incomoda.

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    Amigos todos:

    Necesito saber si alguno de ustedes conoce si en inglés hay alguna frase equivalente a "La verdad no peca, pero incomoda", o bien, sugerencias de cómo habrían de traducir dicho texto al inglés.

    Muchas gracias.
  2. Hello bwnecl!

    I am sorry but I have never heard that phrase, or at least I can`t remember.
    Anyhow, are you sure it is "la verdad no peca..." and not "la verdad no pica..." or a different phrase?.

    I hope someone could help you.
    Best regards!
  3. bwnecl New Member

    Reval Tallinn, ESTONIA
    MX - Spanish/English

    Thank you for stopping by. I'm sure about the phrase, because it's very common in Spanish (MX). La verdad no peca, pero sí incomoda would be it.

    Maybe if I explain the context a bit more, you guys can have a better idea.

    Let's say, two people are talking. Person Number One says something (a fact, something that is purely true) about Person Number Two's personality, so that makes him go uncomfortable, knowing it's true but he doesn't like to be pointed because of it; and his reaction, therefore, is just to cut off the conversation and walk away.

    So Person Number One thinks to himself: "La verdad no peca, pero incomoda".

    In my direct translation it would be: Truth is not a sin, yet uncomfotable. Meaning there's nothing wrong or unpolite in addressing a truth, a fact, but if you, third person, are recalled or involved in that truth/fact, it will make you uncomfortable.

    Thank you all again!
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    El Defectuoso

    Facts are stubborn things

    In this link

  5. ymarie New Member

    My mom used to say this. In English it means, "The truth doesn't hurt but it does make you uncomfortable."

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