la vie est belle, le destin s'en écarte

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    I'm trying to make meaning of this refrain from a French rap song:

    La vie est belle, le destin s'en écarte.
    Personne ne joue avec les mêmes cartes.
    Le berceau lève le voile, multiples sont les routes qu'il dévoile.
    Tant pis, on (n')est pas né sous la même étoile.

    My main problem is with the first line: Would be it be translated as "life is beautiful [so they say], but destiny would have otherwise?"

    As a side note, is it me, or is the e-muet pronounced at the end of "écarte" considerably less stressed then say, the one at "dévoile"?
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    The first line doesn't make much sense in French, let's call that poetic licence...
    Normally, the e-muet pronounced at the end of "écarte" shouldn't be less stressed than the one at "dévoile", but it may be so in the case of that song, which I don't know :)
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    The first lign actually makes sense, but that french phrase is somehow rare.
    Life is beautiful, but destiny takes a different path, (moves appart from the beautiful walk of life)
    Sorry but I can´t help you finding an adequate tranlation, I just can just help with understanding (I´ve been listening a lot to that song:D)

    Concerning the accentuation of the e-muet, you´ve been very clever! But it´s only due to the singer´s accents... They are from Marseille and have a really typical pronunciation. (stressing of e-muet, say "fortchune" instead of "fortune", or "djealer" instead of "dealer"...) They also have lots of private slang words (see "engrainer, déguain, cagole...")

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