la voce....le si soffoca dentro

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    Hello, everybody.
    Problems with this sentence:
    It is the action of a screenplay; the character is half asleep and tries to screem, but

    La voce non le esce, allora tenta di gridare più forte, ma le si soffoca dentro, nel petto.

    My try, though not convincing:

    No sound comes out so she tries louder, but still it chocks back in her chest;
    Thanks a lot
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  2. Lazzini

    Lazzini Senior Member

    I would say something like:

    She tries to scream, but can't. She tries again, harder, but the scream dies in her chest.
  3. calau Senior Member

    naples - madrid
    italy italian
    Thanks a lot
    Why do you use harder instead of louder?
  4. Lazzini

    Lazzini Senior Member

    We talk about trying hard to do something.

    As she failed to make a sound, it couldn't really be louder, but in fact louder would be quite OK here in my view. I don't think we need worry about strict logic.

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