labelled or labeled?

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  1. starmi

    starmi Senior Member

    Girona (Catalunya)
    Spanish, Spain (Girona)
    labeLLed or labeLed

    thank you so much!!!!!!! :D
  2. bobobaby Banned

    USA English
  3. bishbosh Member

    British English
    en ingles es labelled con dos

    los americanos escriben (mal) labeled
  4. starmi

    starmi Senior Member

    Girona (Catalunya)
    Spanish, Spain (Girona)
    Muchisimas gracias!! sabia que era labelling... y por eso dudava con labeLed... muchisimas gracias! :D
  5. konungursvia Banned

    Canada (English)
    Wrong, they are both correct. The Americans have their own, totally valid, spelling system, which differs from that in Canada, and again from that in the UK.
  6. bishbosh Member

    British English
    sorry, cheap pop at spelling systems over the pond

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