labores culturales

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    How would you translate "labores culturales?"

    A person I work with translated it as "agricultural procedures." Another document I found on the internes translates it more literally as "work cultures," and another as "cultural work."

    This is in a document that refers to agricultural issues, so perhaps my collegue is right. I have no "feel" for what the phrase means, and can only go by literal dictionary translations. I'd appreciate the comments of native Spanish speakers who may be familiar with this phrase.
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    labores culturales son todos los procesos relacionados una forma de cultivo específica.

    ejemplo: época de siembra, tipo de laboreo, riegos, fertilizantes, podas.....etc.

    traducciones posibles: cultural practice, crop practice, cultivation procedures,

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    That's very helpful. I think I like cultivation procedures best.

    Thanks so much.

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