labour-saving device/s

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    Hi, everyone,

    This is Daniel from Blanes, Spain. This will be my first post here at WR forums. :)

    I would like to know what does it mean "Labour-Saving Device/s?

    I was thinking that maybe might be either a device or a tool for the housekeeping as a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine. Am I right?

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  2. Rubns

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    Yes, it refers to a device designed to diminish the manual labor of people. It doesn't necessarily need to be a household appliance, it could be a computer for example. In Spanish: aparato que ahorra trabajo / aparato para reducir la necesidad de trabajo.
  3. Peke4cer New Member

    Blanes, Girona
    Spanish & Catalan
    Thank u very much indeed :D

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