lachend/ knurrend

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Hello, everyone,

I am learning some German and now I have been reading about Partizip 1.
I want some help with the following sentences, please. How would you translate them? I would like to know the exact meaning and the equivalent of Partizip 1 in English.

1. Der Chef ging lachend aus dem Zimmer.

= My try: The boss laughed his way out of the room.
or The boss went out of the room laughing.

2. Der Hund liegt knurrend vor seiner Hundehütte.

= My try: The dog lay in front of his kennel barking.

Which of the above are closer to German versions? If none, please provide me with a sentence or two.

Thanks a bunch!
  • Kurtchen

    Senior Member
    German - Norddeutschland
    You've found it out yourself. The English equivalent is the gerund. :)
    Here it's a just a present participle used as an adverbial. The gerund on the other hand acts as noun which not the case in the above examples. :)
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