Lack of proper dedication

Discussion in 'English Only' started by murolt, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. murolt New Member

    I want to make a title for the following situation

    "the responsibilities are not assigned properly to the personnel according to the level of their knowledge and skills, or wrong person is assigned to the wrong position."

    Would "Lack of proper dedication" or "lack of proper job assignment" be an approppriate title for the above sentence or what?
  2. teddison5

    teddison5 Senior Member

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    I would say "Lack of proper delegation." :)
  3. quitejaded

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    Dedication is not the right word. Dedication is something you have in your mind. You cannot be assigned dedication.
  4. GenJen54

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    delegation means job or task assignment.

    Supervisors often delegate certain duties to their employees.

    dedication can mean commitment to one's job, although there are several actual meanings for the word.

    He's very dedicated (committed) to the task he has been delegated (assigned).

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