Lacuna est

Ari RT

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Dear members,
An adage has been running within my class for the last 40 years. As it’s kinda rude, we “coded” it in pseudo-latin, so as to use it more freely. The morale behind it is “do solve your problems, don’t expect ME to ease your life”. The pseudo-latin coding is “Refrigerum anus patorum lacuna est”, the thing that refreshes the duck’s ass is a lake. Trying in an humorous way to convey that a lake, not me, will refresh your pain.
It’s a copulative statement: refreshment = lake. Can you help me putting it in real latin?
Notice that it doesn’t mean that
- the lake (as an agent) refreshes etc
- the duck’s ass is (passive) refreshed by…
It means that the thing (subject) that refreshes the duck’s ass is the lake (copulative predicate). In other words, the refreshment you’re seeking is known by the name “lake”, not “me”.
Thanks a lot!
  • Casquilho

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    I think I can help with that. First, the correct word is refrigerium (neuter noun, also used in figurative sense as consolation or mitigation, even in Portuguese) and duck in Latin is anas, -atis. So "a duck's asshole" would be anatis anus. If you don't like the alliteration, you could use podex instead of anus.


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    I just now realized that the word for "asshole" should be in dative. So anatis podici, anatis ano or anatis culo. The last one is probably the most rude of the three, though podex is also attested in Martial's obscene epigrams.