lady parts

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Henry is having a conversation with his co-worker.

Co-worker: "What'd I tell you and as soon as the baby drops I'm gonna bust out of accouting, man. I'm gonna be chilling under Rihanna's umbrella-ella."
Henry: "Yeah, uh, oh super phat."

Co-worker is turning his head over his shoulder and see Betty.

Co-worker: "Uh-oh, lady parts, 12:00."

I assume by lady parts he means parts of a woman's body. Could you tell me whether the phrase is offensive or not?
  • Well, but the "parts" in question refer to parts of the body that are exclusively female - breasts at best, genitalia in the rudest interpretation. Therefore, I think this is a phrase best left out of conversation until one is very certain of one's companions and one's command of American (or British, if the phrase is used there) slang. It might not be offensive, depending on who hears it, but it is vulgar.


    This could no doubt have a perfectly innocent meaning in America where I am asuming that this quote comes from but in England if anyone said "lady parts" in any context the assumed meaning would be the Vagina.As a euphemism this would be heard as " here comes the cunt" a derogatory expression in any part of the English speaking world. I do not have access to TV either American or Russian but I wonder if you have misheard something here?
    I would certainly not repeat it in proper company.
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    It's amusing rather than offensive in the "Ugly Betty" context you heard it in. But I wouldn't use it in a normal conversation:)
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