laisser savoir/faire savoir

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  1. speedygonzaless Senior Member

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    Je veux dire 'let me know', for example 'let me know what time you can come' et je me demande si l'on utilise 'laisser savoir' ou 'faire savoir'.

    i.e. 'laisse-moi/fais-moi savoir à quelle heure tu peut venir'.

    Merci pour vos reponses.
  2. Kxking Senior Member

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    Laisse-moi savoir is incorrect.
    You can say:
    Fais-moi savoir/dis-moi/tiens moi au courant...
  3. speedygonzaless Senior Member

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    Oh ok, thank you very much, I have been using 'laisse-moi savoir' up until now, so thanks for the correction!
  4. c2205l Member

    In quebec i have heard quite often laisse moi savoir so it is possible to say. It could be a quebecois thing though! haha :)
  5. Nicomon

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    I'm reopening this thread to confirm that this « calque » is indeed very common in Quebec... and to be honest I've heard it so much that it doesn't bother me anymore. But I agree that it's well... not right. :eek:
    Source (with other examples)

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