l'Amérique des années 60


Je cherche à dire ceci en anglais: "ces objets sont typiques de l'Amérique des années 60"
Mon essai: "these items are typical of the 60s in America".
Mais cela ne me convient pas car il n'y a plus l'idée d'une seule entité qui serait "l'Amérique des années 60"
Merci pour votre aide!
  • Oddmania

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    I don't think the french phrase specifically mentions textbooks. So I think "These items were popular in America during the 1960's" would suit it better.
    I actually meant textbook as an adjective (= typical), as in It's a textbook case for instance, but I guess it's not that common if it didn't fall into place naturally.


    Oddmania: the word "textbook", in the idiomatic way you are using it, is most often heard in the expression "textbook example". So, for example: These are textbook examples of the kind of objects one would find in America in the 1960s.

    grandemath: It's hard to render your sentence into English, because it does not sound right in English to say that "objects are typical of America." Some possibilities:
    ...objects are typical of what one would find in America in the 1960s
    ...objects were common in America in the 1960s


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    langue française
    On trouve suffisamment d'occurrences de the American sixties pour considérer cette possibilité comme valable, je pense.
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