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    Hi There,

    I am getting crazy to get the translation into spanish of "lame agents" the translation is about the quimic composition of a cosmetic cleanser.

    It would be very helfull if someone can explain me what does it means.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    This does seem to be a very technical term that many of us won't recognize. However, please give us a complete sentence, as our rules require. It may help someone answer you.
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    Hi Cagey,

    This is the context water-soluble reducing agents, pH adjusters, pigments, dyes, pearlescent agents, lame agents, organic/inorganic powders, and perfumes, as needed, within a qualitative/quantitative range that does not impair the effects of the present invention.
    I hope it would help.
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    Lame is very small pieces (often microscopic) of a lamina or very thin sheet material (natural or artificial) in cosmetics, particularly eye-shadow and lipstick/gloss. A lame agent is the ingredient that introduces “lame” to (usually) cosmetics.

    The lame has the attribute of glittering with reflected light if the particles are relatively large or providing a pearlescent appearance if they are very small. i.e. lame gives the sparkle or sheen to a substance. It is hard to think of a totally appropriate alternative to lame for translation purposes; perhaps micro-lamina[te](?)

    (Compare with “gold lamé” fabric [​IMG])

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  5. MANUA New Member

    Hi Paul Q
    Thanks for your response, I have found another reference "In a case where the cosmetic of the present embodiment is an emulsion makeup cosmetic obtained by emulsifying
    a water phase and an oil phase with an activator, in terms of sufficiently ensuring the effect of the black bright pigment of the present invention as a lame agent as well as ensuring high stability of the emulsion, the content of the black bright pigment of the present invention is preferably 1 to 50 mass% and more preferably 3 to 40 mass%, when the total mass of the cosmetic is 100 mass%". I am not sure if it will fit with micro-lamina.
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    The Spanish thread is here

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