lamina de agua

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  1. MsMula Senior Member

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    Hi everyone

    I am translating a contract regarding a port licence and it describes a permit specifically for the 'lamina de agua'. I'm guessing this is some sort of area around the dock, but I can't work out the English equivalent. Any ideas?

    Many thanks!
  2. Marxelo

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    Difícil saber sin mayor contexto.
  3. ECDS Senior Member

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    In general "lamina de agua" is a mass of water.

    But as a nautical term, it's the surface of water that a boat needs to dock, and is used to calculate how much would you have to pay.
    It's equivalent to the reflection of the boat in the water, in m2 (square metres)
  4. Alisterio

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    So it would be the equivalent of mooring rights, calculated on a square-metre basis?
  5. ECDS Senior Member

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    I don't think so, as equivalent of mooring rights.

    State is the owner of the water. State "rent" the water to the harbor and you pay the "lámina de agua" with this concept.

    As I see it also depends on the harbor. In some of them you pay the mooring rights and the "lámina de agua". In others, you pay only one "right".

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