Lamp Work Glass Beads

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    hola, my question is about beads, I'm a handycrafter and I'm trying to translate this: Lamp Work Glass Beads into Spanish in order to explain the materials my necklaces are made of...I know lamp:lámpara; work:trabajo; glass:vidrio; beads: cuentas o abalorios, and in fact also I could understand that is a kind of bead that seems ceramic but glass and is hand made but don't get the meaning in Spanish at all....I'll appreciate some help if somebody can or has the knowledge in some crafter matter....Thnx!
  2. Masood

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    British English
    I would understand lamp work glass beads to possibly mean "Beads of glass, "left over" from making lamps", abalorios de vidrio sobra después de haber hacho lámparas.
  3. berenjenal New Member

    Republic of Panama Spanish
    thank you a lot! creo que ya me va a ser más fácil poner la reseñ gracias!
  4. laurax3 New Member

    A LAMPWORK GLASS BEAD IS NO LEFTOVER FROM LAMP MAKING! This is the english translation from the Italian Venetian "lume", that means "lamp". perle a lume (lampwork beads) are made fron molten glass rods, and the torch was called lume, in English lamp. This is an old Venetian technique, and you can see a lot of these beads in American websites. U.S. crafters are now the masters of this art. I'm sorry I've seen your message so late, but maybe you have already learned everything. Ciao

    laura, Florence, italy (Glass beadmaker)
  5. berenjenal New Member

    Republic of Panama Spanish
    :thumbsup: Ciao Laura! e molto gratzie per la spiegazione! well my italian is just basic, I attend just 1st level in la Societta Italiana di Beneficenza in Panama, so is not that good,in fact I hope you don't get scare how bad could be, hihihi!, but anyway I tried to give you the thanks for your explanation since I understood that lampwork was made of pieces of glass like rest of some materials during confection of lamps or glass itself, I hadn't search more 'cause I was in a hurry but is interesting this new thing I learned with you in this forum, and in calm moments I'll search for more facts about perle a lume...I'm jewerly maker, I will love to make my own beads or pieces but right now I'm just buying all and designing accesories, so this explanation will help me more when I'm selling some of my new creations here in Panama...Thank You a lot again Laura and have a very nice weekend! addio!!!hasta pronto! so long!;)
    larizamassiel, panama (designer)
  6. laurax3 New Member

    great names for lampworking are: cindy jenkins, larry scott, corina tettiger, lise aagaard. you can easily find them on a search engine: I'm sorry I cannot add their links here.
    have a good time with your jewels!

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