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Hello out there,

I'm translating a talk EN to IT. I would like some help on the meaning of the phrase "lancet fluke". I really cannot get it! If someone has a clue how to translate it it would be great. But also if you just have a clue about the meaning in english in this context and can explain it to me it would be very much appreciated!!!

Here is the piece of the talk where the word is used:

"When I was here four years ago, I told the story about an ant climbing a blade of grass. And why was the ant doing it?
Well, it's because its brain had been infected with a lancet fluke that was needed to get into the belly of a sheep or a cow in order to reproduce.
It was sort of a spooky story."

MY TRANSLATION: Quando fui qui quattro anni fa, raccontai la storia di una formica che si arrampicava su un filo d'erba. E perchè lo faceva?
Beh, perchè il cervello era stato infettato da un ? lancinante colpo di fortuna ? secondo cui doveva arrivare allo stomaco di una pecora o di una mucca per potersi riprodurre.
Era una storia abbastanza misteriosa.

"And I think some people may have misunderstood.
Lancet flukes aren't smart.
I submit that the intelligence of a lancet fluke is down there somewhere between petunia and carrot. They are not really bright, they don't have to be."
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