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How can I differentiate among these similar words so that I can do my work quickly and exactly?

"The the south of VietNam is very rich and fertile."
a. ground
b. soil
c. land
d. earth

Thanks a lot.
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    It's pretty much what you think sounds the best. Any of the first three would be fine. "Soil" and "land" sound the best to me, though I would say that "soil" is the most specific. "Ground" is fine. I wouldn't use "earth" because I rarely hear the word "earth" used other than when talking about the planet Earth.


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    This is my impression of the difference between these words:

    a. ground - This is the actual surface of the earth
    b. soil - This is more specific, and usually refers to quality, or type of ground.
    c. land - This is more general, the general landscape, I get the impression of a wider view of the place.
    d. earth - Earth is either the globe, or just the surface...the softer part...

    I realize I might've confused you even more...but this is my impression.


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    Hey mimi, where r u from ? saigon or hanoi ?

    If you are from hanoi you would put soil the first.

    if you are from saigon you would put land the first.

    Actually i live in saigon and lol i never used soiled but only when i want to read the back of water bottles


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    vietnam vietnamese
    What do you mean? I don't understand. Why do you use "land" in Saigon and "soil" in Hanoi.?
    It's strange to me. Or are you joking?


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    mimi2 said:
    "The the south of VietNam is very rich and fertile."

    a. ground (ground tends to be used when a destination (on the ground) or an electrical termination, or when discussing firmness, stability, or territory in dispute).

    b. soil :tick: (soil tends to be used most when describing growing things)

    c. land (land tends to describe boundaries and scenery)

    d. earth possible 2nd choice (earth can be used to discuss growing things, but is usually used when referring to the entire planet)

    Some usable pairings that come to mind:

    Fertile Soil
    Rich Soil
    Productive soil

    Solid ground
    Hard won ground
    Stood his ground

    Beautiful land
    Bountiful land (as a territory, state or nation, more so than as a field, or a farm)
    "A lot" of land (a large AREA)
    A "lot of land" (a single plot)
    Flat land
    Mountainous land (like Peru or Colorado, ie an entire state/nation)
    but: Hilly terrain (and you never grow things on terrain)
    Wet land
    but: Swampy terrain

    Rich earth
    Planet earth

    Mountainous terrain (like around a ski resort, a smaller area than mountainous land, which applies mostly to your immediate surroundings and those you will be encountering)
    Hilly terrain

    A fertile plot (a defined section, such a single garden, or field).
    A fertile field