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  1. perpend

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    I think I must have embarrassed myself many times in this lifetime, because I have called myself a "Landei" several times, and wasn't even being campy.

    Can a "Landei" be a man?

    I was shocked to see this:

    Doubly shocked to see "country wench".

    "wench" is pretty offensive, from where I come from (on a farm).

    I always thought "Landei" was equivalent to "country bumpkin", and the actual sex of the person was irrelevant.
  2. Frank78

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    A "Landei" can be a man or a woman.

    I assume "redneck" is not less offensive. On the other hand "Landei" is seldom used neutrally as well.
  3. perpend

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    --double post--
  4. perpend

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    Hi, Frank, So you think "red-neck" translates to "Landei"?
  5. Frank78

    Frank78 Senior Member

    Yes, why not? Here's the defintion from the Duden:

    (umgangssprachlich abwertend, umgangssprachlich scherzhaft) aus ländlicher, dörflicher Umgebung stammende, in Aufmachung und Auftreten ungeschickt, unbeholfen wirkende Person
  6. perpend

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    "red-neck" und "Landei" sind kein "Paar" für mich.

    "red-neck" kann in den USA abwertend sein---muss aber nicht. Ist "Landei" abwertend in Deutschland? Das wäre mir neu.
  7. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    Ich denke, es hängt vom Kontext ab.
    "Du Landei, du!" kann abwertend sein, aber auch neckend.

    "Sie war ein richtiges Landei." kann abwertend, aber auch anerkennend sein.

    Wenn man es auf sich selbst bezieht, ist es eher scherzhaft und nur abwertend, wenn man ein sehr geringes Selbstwertgefühl hat und zu Depressionen neigt.
  8. dubitans Senior Member

    Vienna, Austria
    German - Austria
    In Austria a Landei is clearly a female person, whose rural background is humorously referred to.
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  9. Hutschi

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    I know it as female person in Germany, too, but I do not know whether it is used for male persons. The others say, so it will be true.

    There may be a problem with humor - if the "receiving" person does not have humor, there may be a different view about it.

    In a professionel environment I would avoid it, while it is usually no problem with friends.

    I had the experience that one person - a collegue at work - was very offended when I made a joke about "Ingenieur" (Ingenieurswitz) - I never would have expected this, because I am one, too.

    So take caere and never call a client "Landei".
  10. Nebenbei Member

    German (Switzerland)
    Landei ist eher weiblich und immer abwertend, wenn auch häufig scherzhaft, neckend
  11. Hamlet2508 Senior Member

    I am not sure that Landei is only applicable to females. You might also find Landpomeranze,which is definitely derogatory.
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