1. Bella Swann_Forks

    Bella Swann_Forks Senior Member

    Hi guys!

    I have no idea of how to translate "landing cupboard", after thinking about it over and over.
    Could you possibly help me, please?

    This is the context:

    The landing cupboard is stacked high with what Glyn calls low-use material: Conference papers and research papers including, he hopes, a paper that he needs right now for the article on which he is working.
    Thak you very much in advance! Regards.
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  2. galesa Senior Member

    english wales
    El armario del rellano... I think.
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  3. BettyRopez

    BettyRopez New Member

    Se refiere al armario de la planta de arriba que suele estar al lado del baño. El "típico" armario que se usa para guardar toallas, productos de limpieza, etc.. :)
  4. SydLexia Senior Member

    London, EU
    UK English
    ¿¿"El armario del descansillo"??

    "Hay un armario en el descansillo que...".
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