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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Hotmale, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Hotmale

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    Could you tell me whether these two are interchangeable?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. quitejaded

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    They are. *thinks* Well...

    When you say scenery, I think of what the place looks like. Usually outside, but you can also use this when you are talking about theatre. ("We need people to paint the scenery.") You wouldn't say landscape then.

    When you say landscape, I think of mountains, rivers, valleys, etc. Its used more with a land that hasn't been changed much by human beings. Scenery is something I think of when its outside, but there may be man made objects there like pretty lights or a beautiful fountain.
  3. clairanne Senior Member

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    You usually use scenery when the landscape is beautiful for example:
    " We stopped the car to admire the beautiful scenery"

    Landscape is a more general term for a large area. for example:
    "The factory chimneys dominated the landscape for miles around".
  4. quitejaded

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    English, USA (texas)
    Oh! Clair, yes! I agree with her! You usually don't hear "ugly scenery". That would be cool for a strange story or poem!
  5. MissFit

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    They are interchangeable in some cases. Technically, scenery is everything that makes up the scene you are looking at. It can be entirely manmade structures--buildings, streets, etc. A landscape is a view that includes mainly the land and its features--hills and mountains, trees and other plants, streams and ponds, etc. A seascape is an ocean scene. A cityscape is an urban scene. The scenery can be a landscape, a seascape, a cityscape, or some combination.
  6. se16teddy

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    There is also a grammatical difference. 'Landscape' can be countable or uncountable, whereas 'scenery' is almost always uncountable. Accordingly, a picture that shows scenery / landscape is always 'a landscape', never 'a scenery'.
  7. Hotmale

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    Many thanks to all of you :).

    Best regards,

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