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10 - 11: Retailers in the hot seat
strategy and survival: seizing the opportunities presented by a
new playing field
* How has the strategic and competitive landscape changed?

- The previous is a part of the schedule of a Retail Program.
- What does Landscape mean in the previous context? Does it mean style or method or attitude?
  • I agree, and since "landscape" originally described a painting, and then a photo, concentrating on a broad or wide picture of a countryside, in modern terms you are looking at the environment, the present scope of the "field of action," are being asked "How has the strategic/competitive (business) environment changed?" and back to the metaphor, "how has this painting of the countryside changed?"

    As I write this, I see from your quote, there are two metaphors:

    "playing field" from sports, like a soccer field.
    "landscape" big broad view of fields
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