langage familier / courant / soutenu (les registres de langue)

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  1. irka_hcmc Senior Member

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    Bonjour tout le monde !!!

    Voila voila, j'ai un petit problème a traduire les différents registres de langue en anglais:

    Language familier = ?
    Language courant = ?
    Language soutenue = ?


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  2. buddingtranslator

    buddingtranslator Senior Member

    English, England
    Language familier = Informal language
    Language courant = Colloquial language
    Language soutenue = Formal language

    Hope that helps
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  3. irka_hcmc Senior Member

    Vietnam, Saigon
    French, Dijon
    Yes! That helped me a lot,
    Thanks thanks
  4. suggy43 Senior Member

    England, English
    Salut à tout le monde. I was wondering if any of you could help me - a friend has just asked me the English equivalents of registre familier / courant / soutenu in English. I really want to help him out, but I'm not too sure myself. I've found loads of websites explaining what each register involves and when it is used, but I haven't been able to find any translations. :(

    Here's my attempt:
    "langage soutenu" = formal language
    "langage courant" = ????
    "langage familier" = casual language (but I'm not sure I've ever heard the term "casual language" used)
    ... I'm sure there must be better translations than that.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  5. Kolem

    Kolem Senior Member

    Français, Canada (Québec)
    I would say:
    langage soutenu = formal language (as for a résumé, administrative letters, etc.)
    langage courant = everyday language (as you would speak to a colleague, your boss/teacher, people you don't know)
    langage familier = informal language (as you would speak to your friends, family, etc.)
  6. suggy43 Senior Member

    England, English
    Merci beaucoup - that's a great help! :)
  7. stephane22 New Member

    Chinese mandarin
    Hi, my favorite budding,

    Thank you for this answer, but the definition of "Colloquial language" is so familiar with "Informal language" in wikipedia.
    The link is here:
    May be I misunderstood this definition and look forward to your further explanation.

  8. Jimmy Hoffa Member


    Comment traduiriez vous l'expression "en langage courant"?
    Would "in common parlance" fit? Or would it be better to use "in common language"?

    Merci pour vos suggestions

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