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  1. acm2g Member

    J'ai trouver le verbe "langer" qui veut dire "to change a diaper." Est-ce que l'on dit "Je te lange" ou "Je lange ta couche" pour dire "I'm changing your diaper" ?

    Je parle en français a mon bébé et il y a un tas de mots à apprendre!
  2. Quaeitur

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    Lille, France
    As far as I know, the verb is only used today in the expression table à langer (changing table), at least in France. It could still be used in other French-speaking countries though.
  3. Fred_C

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    "Langer un bébé" : "Mettre des langes (une couche) à un bébé".

    This verb is still in common use, but you will not hear it often, because nobody uses what are called "langes" any more : that is : non-disposable diapers/nappy.

    (It is not the word that is outdated, it is the thing it describes.)
  4. madolo Senior Member

    :)Je dirais : "je change ta couche".
  5. yann_ccc Banned

    "je change ta couche" is only the kind of thing you would say to an extraterrestrial baby in order to teach him your own "down to earth" language, and make sure he/she has got the words right in their marsian funnily connected brains lexicon.

    But if you were - for some strangely affectionate reason - talking to your own child (at the age of changing their nappy) and caught in the very act of doing "it" you would certainly not want to teach them anything about language; Therefore I would suggest something obviously sugary like :

    "oulalalala tu vois c'est papa (/ maman) tu vois, je te la change ta petite couche, oh qu'il est mignon! Oh oui, c'est beau la petite cou-couche..."

    and the rest of it!
  6. Zyprexa

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    what's sugary about it?
    This is very correct, if somewhat eccentric bébé (gougou dialect);)
    and you missed the comma after change. . .

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