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  1. XIA Senior Member

    Spain. Spanish and Galician.

    Last week I entered this post in the general spanish-english forum, and now I've just realised that there is this specialized forum for computers/IT. I think it is probably better to write here:

    I would appreciate if you could help me on the following:

    "Language-enabled mobile applications will become personal assistants to everyone"

    My attempt:

    Las aplicaciones móvil habilitadoras del lenguaje ......
    Las aplicaciones móvil que soportan el lenguaje .......

    Both options sound bad to me, but I'm completely stuck and I do not know how to translate it.

  2. olimpia91 Banned

    Castellano - Argentina
    Las aplicaciones para móviles en las que es posible elegir idioma...
  3. guitaric60

    guitaric60 Senior Member

    Panama City, Panama
    Español - República de Panamá

    My suggestion: Las aplicaciones para móviles con selección de idiomas se convertirán...

    I thought about using 'políglotas', but apparently no one on the Web has ever used that.

  4. lmgutie

    lmgutie Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    "Las aplicaciones para móviles habilitadas con lenguaje..."

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