Lao: 6 tones

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I believe that the Vientiane dialect of Lao has 6 tones. Here are the 6 tones with their Lao name and an example of each. I want to get feedback from Lao language speakers. Please look at my 6 examples and tell me if you agree with the tones I have specified. If you don’t agree, then specify the example you disagree with.

1 Mid ˧(33) siang saman ex. ຂ່າ [kʰāː]
2 Low ˩ (11) siang ek ex. ກາ [kàː]
3 High Falling ˥˧ (53) siang tho ex. ຄ້າ [kʰâː]
4 Low Falling ˧˩(31) siang tho phiset ex. ຂ້າ [kʰ᷆aː]
5 High ˥ (55) siang ti ex. ຄາ [kʰáː]
6 Rising ˩˦ (14) siang chattawa ex. ຂາ [kʰǎː]

Please answer with your own knowledge.
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