L'apobates à bord


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This is part of an article regarding the Parthenon´s frises, it follows a description of chariots depicted. I did not understand this. Thank you for your help.
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    Hello Mozby4, and welcome to the forum! :)

    They are apobates contestants, as explained in the wordnik.com link here. Warriors who rode the chariots in the way described.
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    Hello Mozby4. :)

    Please give us the original sentence, so that we may better understand why it says "à bord" with quotation marks.

    NB: l' is singular ; it should be l'apobate.
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    Au apobates - definition and meaning (en anglais),
    on peut lire ceci :

    In Greek antiquity, a warrior who rode into action on a chariot, standing beside the charioteer, and leaped off and on, accoiding [sic: il aura fallu mettre 'according'] to the exigencies of the fight, while the chariot was in motion.

    Faute d'une image ou d'une meilleure description, alors, je dirais qu'il s'agit des guerriers au moment où ils se trouvent à bord du chariot.
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