Larder, pantry or food-stocks


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In this sentence I hesitate whether to use the nouns "larder", pantry" or "food-stocks". The sentence is: "In the perimeter of woods and arid zones, half covered in ice, silence is broken by short, high-pitched barks spaced in time. They are foxes which have left their lairs looking for little moles, wood mice or birds, in order to fill their food-stocks, their larder." Could someone, please, comment on it. Thanks in advance.
  • The Newt

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    Perhaps "food-stores." "Food-stocks" doesn't work for me, and the other words sound too human. If that's not an issue, then "larders" is okay.

    Sparky Malarky

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    Food stocks would be literal. Pantry and larder are better known terms, but they would be figurative.

    I agree with The Newt that "food-stores" is better than "food-stocks."
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