large representation of saint carried in religious procession

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  1. KHS

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    What do you call the large representations of saints (etc) which are carried on people's shoulders during a religious procession?
  2. TioChus

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    Santander (Spain)
    Spanish - Spain
    In Spain, each one would be a "paso" (yes, same word than the one used for "step").
  3. KHS

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    Thank you!

    I'm in Peru at the moment, and I know they have another name here (I just can't remember it at the moment, and I'm writing an essay as homework).

    Maybe these representations are one of those things that has a different name depending on the country. It might be interesting to have people reply with as many words as possible.
  4. Abdiel Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I think they are just called "santos" referring to the statue.
  5. KHS

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    Descubrí que en Cusco (Perú) les llaman "andas."
  6. EddieZumac

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    Mexico City
    Rather than saints, these are usually representations of the Virgin Mary.
  7. TioChus

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    Santander (Spain)
    Spanish - Spain
    KHS , make sure of that.
    Those "representations of saints carried in processions" would be comosed of a number of elements:
    "Las andas", is the platform with four sticks on the corners as extensions, two frontwards and two backwards, over which the rest of the elements are placed and used to carry all.
    "La imagen" o "las imágenes", is the name given to the statues. They can be representations of Christ alone, the Virgin Mary, or of a single Saint; but also, in other occasions like in Spain's "Holy Week", a number of statues forming a scene of Christ's Suffering and Death are set.
    "El palio" is an element used only in a few or these representations, which is a canopy attached to "las andas".
    The whole of the elements, las andas, las imágenes and, in some occasions, el palio, is called "paso", especially the ones used in the processions of the Holy Week (Semana Santa). They may have the surname of the image carried (e.g. "el paso de la Macarena", which is the name of a statue of the Virgin Mary, "la Esperanza Macarena", set in a church in Seville and taken out in procession in the Holy Week).
    In other processions, like the ones to commemorate a certain feast associated to a certain Saint (and on which the statue of that saint is walked out the church where it's usually set) or the ones in the old times for "rogativas" (asking for the intercession of a certain saint for a certain issue - the ones asking St. Isidore to help with weather issues were not uncommon at a certain time in history - ), and on which only simple elements are used (the "imagen" of the saint carried over "las andas"), the element carried is normally called just "el Santo".
    All of this, is associated to the Catholic tradition in Spain. Maybe other friends from Latin America can give other local nominations.
  8. KHS

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    Gracias, TioChus.

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