las "atribuciones" de los Poderes del Estado

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm working on a translation of document quoting the Constitution effective in Bolivia in 2006 which states "La Ley Compatibilizará estas funciones con las atribuciones de los Poderes del Estado." I like translating atribuciones here as powers but then it translates to something like "powers of the Powers of the State" which is weird. Any ideas? Maybe capabilities?


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    Hi, you may either change the translation in that phrase of:

    *atribuciones: power by faculty,

    *Poderes: Powers by Branches (the three branches of the government: judiciary, legislative and executive).

    One, advice, try to be consistent when you do it.

    I hpe this was useful, Xailana
  3. David

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    Your confusion stems from the fact that you are trying to tanslate poderes del estado as "powers," when they are the 3 branches of government. Las atribuciones are their powers.

    "La Ley compatibilizará estas funciones con las atribuciones de los Poderes del Estado."
    "The Act will bring these functions into consoncance with the [respective] powers of the [various] branches of government."

    "Power by faculty," "powers by branches" strike me as not very useful suggestions.
  4. Xailana New Member

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    What I ment was to replace "power" (atribución)with the word "faculty" o "functions" (as you suggested) and Power (Poder) with the word "Branch".
  5. thanks everyone. i appreciate the responses. i'll make the distinction between functions and branches and do my best to be consistent.

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