las espías (nautical)

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    What is the meaning of "las espías" in the context of vessels and mooring ropes?
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    Hello rwasab, welcome to the forums.
    The Spanish meaning is in one of our dictionaries, but it takes a little work. The first hint is to check first by using the singular form.
    If you go to Definición in the dictionary page, and then click on definición RAE, you get the official definition of the Real Academia Española.
    I will insert the singular into your title so that future users can find by either singular or plural.

    According to this dictionary:
    "espía" is tripping line.
    Another dictionary: defines it as
    a name given to a cable on a boat.

    It's particularly used for a line used to maneuver the boat (the verb "espiar").

    I hope that helps.
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    Dear All,

    try "espia" = "calabrote" = "hawser" = "mooring rope".

    My suggestion is based from a translation of the term form Italian into English after frida-nc's explanations.;) So, my translation may not be completely correct.



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