Las normas del colegio (genitivo sajón)

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  1. Africano76 Member

    Hi! Everyone. I'm not sure that this sentence is right. " THE SCHOOL'S RULES" I mean (in Spanish) Las normas del colegio, but I don't know if this is the correct way or this one : "THE RULES OF SCHOOL".

    Help me, please!

  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    "The school's rules," sí, o también "the rules of the school." Ambas formas son correctas.
  3. Africano76 Member

    Thanks Chris!
    I think that you have to speak Spanish very well.
  4. Agró

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    I'm sure he does.:)
  5. sound shift

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    O "the school rules".
  6. Africano76 Member

  7. Africano76 Member

    Could you explain me the different between both sentences?
  8. Chris K Senior Member

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    There's no difference. In English you can often say "the school rules" and "the school's rules" without distinction. In the "school rules" "school" is essentially being used as an adjective.
  9. AquisM Senior Member

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    Pero encontrarás the school rules con mucha más frecuencia que la otra.
  10. Africano76 Member

    Ok! Thank you!
  11. Chris K Senior Member

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    Concuerdo, aunque uno debe tener en cuenta que el artículo "the" corresponde a "rules" y no con "school" en este caso.

    You have broken the [school] rules.

    Pero con "the school's rules" es distinto:

    You have broken the school's rules. (= [the] rules of the school)

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