Las notas se calculan a base de diez como nota máxima.

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  1. Carol Wainwright New Member

    This is referring to a college or school, calculating a maximum something or other. Help, please.
  2. Carol Wainwright New Member

    The ______ are calculated on a basis of a maximum of about ten. Is this much correct? It is the nota(s) that I'm having trouble with.
  3. SusieQ Senior Member

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    "Grades are calculated based on ten (10) as maximum grade"
  4. lauranazario

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    Hi CArol... and welcome to the forum

    Las notas se calculan a base de diez como nota maxima = grades are calculated based on "ten" being the highest score / grades are calculated using "ten" as the highest score

  5. nuruemp

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    Hello Carol,

    This means that the way of assesing is marking the exams with grades that go from 0 to 10 being 10 the best grade.

    In my school this was the way of marking the exams:


    8, 7 = NOTABLE

    6 = BIEN

    5 = SUFICIENTE --- if you are below 5 you fail your exam

    4,3,2'30 = INSUFICIENTE

    0, 1, 2'30 = MUY DEFICIENTE

    Hope this helps,

    FRAGUA Senior Member

    En español no se dice 'en base a' sino 'con base en' si se quiere traducir 'based on'.
  7. flyingcabbage Senior Member

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    You could just say "Grades are calculated out of ten". Individual grades would then be described as "4 out of 10", "7 out of ten", etc.

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