Las "palabras mágicas" son

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  1. Lorena de argentina Member

    argentinean spanish
    Buen día! En castellano decimos, por ejemplo: "Las palabras "mágicas" para adelgazar son.."
    Es correcto decir "magic words" en inglés?
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  2. Valeria Mesalina

    Valeria Mesalina Senior Member

    Santiago de Compostela
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    No me suena, la verdad. No para adelgazar.
  3. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    The key to (successful) weight loss is...
  4. Lorena de argentina Member

    argentinean spanish
    Hola! En el contexto que lo necesito es así: "Las palabras ´mágicas´para el desarrollo son replicabilidad e innovación". Se refiere a proyectos presentados para un concurso.
  5. Lorena de argentina Member

    argentinean spanish
    sí, pensaba en poner "key words", pero sentía que le quitaba un poco de brillo al texto... qué opinan?
  6. cyberpedant

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    The term "magic word" has at least a smattering of the "supernatural" about it—that the very use of the word will cause something to happen. We often tell our children that our favorite "magic word" is "please."
    I would prefer something like "key concept" in your context.
  7. Lorena de argentina Member

    argentinean spanish
    Hola, mil gracias!!!
  8. mijoch Banned

    British English
    You must have got "magic words from somewhere, and I agree with it.

    The "magic words" for slimming. Eat less and run more.


    "Magic Words" are by definition. If you say they're magic, then nobody can say they're not
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