"Las Vegas, Nevada" pronuntiation and Intonation


Español / Castellano Rioplatense (Santa Fe, Argentina)
Hi Everybody,

I'm Gaspar and It's my first post, I'm learning American English. I'm 16 years old. I live in Argentina and I'm a native speaker of "Español Rioplatense", I live in Santa Fe, Argentina. I'm a elementary student of English.

I need some help with the pronuntiation and intonation with the name "Las Vegas, Nevada" because I have to teach to my classmates the features of Las Vegas and I want to have a good performance to earn a good feedback.

Please native speakers of USA, help me.

I offer my help with Spanish to everybody.

Thank YOU
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    "Las Vegas" is pronounced pretty much the same in English as in Spanish, but with the English "v" rather than the Spanish "v."

    Nevada is pronounced differently: nuh-VA-duh. The "a" in the second syllable is pronounced like the "a" in "cat."

    Good luck on your presentation!


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    Hello, native English speakers will not distinguish between the pronunciation of Los and Las in the names of cities in the US (example: Los Angeles, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, although I have heard Los Alamos). I think that if you do pronounce it with the Spanish vowels, people may think you are trying to show off (make yourself look special or intelligent).

    Here is a syllable by syllable pronunciation guide:
    Las - similar to Spanish pronuncation
    Ve - like the sound in "invade" /vei/
    gas - NOT like the word "gas" in English, pronounced with a weak vowel (schwa) - like "us"

    Ne - think of the word "nut"
    va - think of the "a" in "past"
    da - if you know the expression "duh" in English, you could pronounce it that way, otherwise, a similar sound is found in the word "duck"

    I hope this helps and I hope nobody gets angry for clarifying in Spanish towards the bottom :). It's difficult to explain pronunciation and intonation with written words!


    Español / Castellano Rioplatense (Santa Fe, Argentina)
    Thank You for yours Excellent replies!

    I have a lot of references for the future!

    It it just that I want.

    See you soon!


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    Just a side comment to add-- people from the northeastern US pronounce it differently-- Las Vegas is the same by the state name is pronounced "Neh - vah - da" rather than the harder "a" sound as described above. Us New Englanders pronounce many things differently than the rest ofthe country, however; just a brief dialectical comment!
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