laser-cut vents


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Hi guys.

This is from an online magazine ""

This is from an article that suggests workingout styles.

What does 'laser-cut vents' mean?

Is it something like sharply cut venting line?

The tailored silhouettes feature laser-cut vents and reflective accents for nighttime exercise.
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    Actually, I think they are cut with lasers, which not only cut irregular shapes easily, but simultaneously fuse fabrics such as nylon at the cut edge so it doesn't fray.

    From the Trotec Laser website:
    What are the advantages compared to conventional cutting processes?
    Laser cutting is a contact-less and tool-free process. There is no contact and consequently no warping of textiles and fabrics during laser cutting. The laser beam melts the material and the result are clean, perfectly sealed edges. It is guaranteed that there will be no fraying of the end products.