1. rogeb Senior Member

    Spain and Spanish
    Hi all, I don't know exactly the differences between these 2 words, I think means the same, but I'm not sure about it, please can someone explain this to me?? :confused:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    Puede que sean iguales, dependiendo de contexto. ¿Tienes la frase española que quieres traducir?
  3. mediterraneo24 Senior Member

    Lash can be used figuratively: to lash out at someone means something like atacar a alguien con palabras o gritos, alzando la voz
    Whip means pegar con látigo, físicamente

    espera a otras sugerencias....
  4. Rastnim88 Senior Member

    Salamanca, Spain
    British English
    But 'lash' is also used physically. They are pretty much interchangeable.
  5. horsewishr

    horsewishr Senior Member

    Michigan (USA)
    English (Generic Midwest Variety)
    Whip can be used figuratively, as well. It means to defeat (by a large margin).

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