lassitude / torpor

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I have already created a thread as to "Moral lassitude". Recently, I came across several examples incorporating "moral torpor". I'd like to know whether you sense any difference between the two! For instance, let's take the following context into consideration:

There can be scarcely, I conceive, a sadder spectacle, than an age of great intellectual activity, and of moral torpor and sloth; when men trace out busily and eagerly the laws of matter, and at the same time grow deaf to the claims of conscience, and blind to the supreme authority of the great law of love.
First Principles of Moral Science - Thomas Rawson Birks

Could we put "moral lassitude" instead of "moral torpor" and the meaning still remains intact?
  • Joe Bread

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    "Torpor" is a scientific term, so it would make sense to use it in a scientific journal. I think using lassitude retains the meaning but lacks the same level of credibility.
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