last call kissing


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I am trying to translate the following verse:

Are we just a backseat, tryna get it while we can
Are we names in a tattoo, or just a number on a hand
Are we last call kissing or will we be reminiscing with each other for the next forty years
Are we written in the stars, baby, or are we written in the sand.

It is from the song "Written In The Sand" Old Dominion.

May I know what is "last call kissing"?

Thank you in advance.
  • Keith Bradford

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    Here's my guess.

    Last call = when the barman calls "Last orders please, we're closing in ten minutes". At this moment, all the other people in the bar suddenly become twice as attractive as sexual partners and one ends up going home with a one-night stand rather than sleep alone.


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    It means "Is this our last opportunity to kiss?" See this definition of last call from
    last call (for something)
    and last chance (for something)
    Fig. the last opportunity for doing, getting, or having something. This is the last call for ice cream and cake. It's almost all gone.


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    It could be "kissing at last call i.e when last orders is called -as Keith stated " or "the last call/opportunity for kissing" As it's verse/lyrics it's shortened to fit the rhythm/meter.