Last night's leftover (food)

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for an expression or word for this situation:

''You order a pizza(for example) in the evening and you don't eat all of it - there is some pizza left, which, on the following day you eat.

What is the expression for this "food" from a previous day, from last night? Would it be "last night's leftovers" or "last night's leftover food"?

Ex.: I like eating last night's (leftover) pizza.

Thank you in advance!
  • Egmont

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    You can say either one, at least in AE. The word "leftovers" by itself generally implies food.

    The noun form, "leftovers," is usually written as one word in my experience, though I have seen it hyphenated ("left-overs") as well. I'd write the adjective form as "left-over food." As an adjective, it can be used for other things: "After assembling the lawnmower, I had four left-over bolts."

    By the way, there's a funny song entitled "Cold Pizza for Breakfast."


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    Leftovers (a noun - almost always plural) or leftover [food/pizza] (an adjective - not plural) mean the same thing.

    "I had leftovers for lunch today." "I had leftover pizza for lunch today." Both are correct and idiomatic.


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    Please note that "leftovers" is nicely defined in our dictionary here

    Concise Oxford English Dictionary © 2008 Oxford University Press:
    nounsomething, especially food, remaining after the rest has been used.▶adjectiveremaining; surplus.


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    Thank you very much!

    Adding to the post:

    Cold pizza
    1. leftover pizza that has been in the refridgerator that is eaten for breakfast.


    I'd be reluctant to see Urbandictionary as a reliable source - to me cold pizza means nothing more than that the pizza is not warm or hot - and at least I can spell refrigerator.
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