last such hot weekend

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Dear all,

I am not sure about my sentence. I mean the underlined words. Please provide me with your solutions.

" It will be very hot over the weekend. It will be last such hot weekend this year."
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    Normally, if you apply the word such to a singular countable noun, it acts as a predeterminer; that is, you still need the indefinite article:

    such a hot weekend / such a high temperature (= so hot a weekend / so high a temperature)

    Only with an uncountable noun (or, obviously, a plural countable one) is the article not needed:

    such heavy rain / such high humidity

    Your sentence lacks the necessary article and is somewhat ambiguous, in that it’s not clear whether you mean the year’s last hot weekend of this kind or the last weekend as hot as this one (neither of which makes much sense). So let’s ignore the word hot, for the purposes of explanation.

    The use of the adjective last means that a specific weekend is meant, so the definite article is needed:

    It will be the last such weekend (= the last weekend of this kind) this year
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