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I was watching an Instagram story of a British influencer.

Her friend was wiping something off her hair.
She said: Last time I was doing that, I was holding back her hair because she was puking.

The other one said: yeah she held my hair back when I was puking out.

Now I wonder whether it could be rephrased as:

Last time I did that, was when I held back your hair while you piled.

2. last time I did that i was holding back your hair when you puked. (Somehow this doesn’t sound too good.)

3. Last time i did that i was holding back your hair because you were puking.

I’d chose 1 or 3
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    (2) doesn't sound any more distasteful than (1) or (3) do, Fbohn. (3) seems a little more likely to me than the other two possibilities do.


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    What is the substance of your question? Your thread title is "last time", and that is used correctly in all three versions (except that you want a comma after "that" in 2 and 3 but not in 1).

    I think I like "while" (after "hair") better than "when", and also better than "because".
    I like "Last time was when I" and "Last time I did that, I was" equally.
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