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    Which Greek verb (preferably from Ancient Greek) is suitable to describe the lasting of a sound? I imagine stable, long-lasting sound.

    Thanks for all your help.
  2. sotos Senior Member

    There are few relevant words, not necessarily verbs. e.g.
    μακρόσυρτος ήχος (long sound). If you have to create a v., should be μακροσύρω (keep long a sound). This is new Gr.

    Ισοκρατώ (v.) A term used in byzantine (religious) music. It means "I do a long sound (like "ooooo...." ), the basal tone for the others to chant upon". This is old Greek, and can pass as ancient too.

    Σύρω (ήχον) (v.) I make a long-lasting sound.
  3. yogsothoth24 Member

    Thank you! As for me, the term Ισοκρατώ is especially good, because I would like to use it in my musical composition and byzantine connotation of this word is just adequate.
  4. Andrious Senior Member

    How about τραβώ; I think we can definitely use it for words, at least.

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