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What's the meaning of "latch on"? Thanks.

MONICA: Ross, could you come and help me with the spaghetti, please?


MRS. GELLER: Oh, we're having spaghetti! That's.... easy.

MONICA: Actually we are going to have lasagna.

MR. GELLER: Oh! I love lasagna!

MONICA: No, we are not having it.

MRS. GELLER: Then why you bring it up? You know how he latches on.
  • Ceremoniar

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    Latch on means to to capture an idea or topic in conversation, and then pursue that idea to the exclusion of others. I am guessing that in the dialogue above, it means that once Mr. Geller hears "lasagna," he cannot think about anything else.

    However, its use here is odd, because the expression latches on is not usually used at the end of sentence. It is generally followed by the item. Example: "You know once he hears the word lasagna, he latches on to that and wants nothing else for dinner."


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    Not exactly quoted right:

    Monica: Actually, we were going to have lasagna
    Mr. Geller: Oh I love lasagna.
    Monica: Well we’re not having it.
    Mrs. Geller: Then why did you bring it up? You know how he latches on.

    Ceremoniar's explanation is fine, although I don't have a problem with "latches on" at the end if we all know what the person is latching on to.
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