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Sentence : After the late night conf call :) I happen to have go through provided details.

Is this a right way to use "late night" word.
Actually I want to express that it was a very late nigh call and i felt so sleep but after the call I've done through the details that was sent and found some information.

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    Yes, you can use 'late night' as an adjective that way. :)

    The second part of your sentence is confusing [I happen to have go through provided details]. Your explanation is much clearer. I suggest that you use it instead, with a couple of minor corrections:

    After the late night conference call [I've done] I went through the details that [was] were sent and found some information.

    You might want to check the definition and use of happen. ;))

    Added: SwissPete is asking a good question. Did you want to say that it happened last night? I was assuming that you wanted to say that it was late, but perhaps I was mistaken.
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